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Características del mapa

  • Autor: Casey Nydahl (BrandKiler)
  • Tipo de juego principal: Dukematch
  • Tipos compatibles: Dukematch
  • Año: 1996
  • País: desconocido
  • Versión mínima: 1.3d
  • Nuevas texturas: No
  • Nuevos sonidos: No
  • Nueva música: No
  • Nuevos archivos .CON: No
  • Requiere Addon: No
  • Requiere EDuke32: No
  • Tamaño del archivo: 7 kb

Readme de Ambushed

File Name	    :  Ambushed.map

Author		    :  Casey Nydahl (BrandKiler on TEN)

E-Mail Address	    :  Casey.Nydahl@worldnet.att.net

Description	    :  A Duke Match level with many sniper areas
		       that are hidden! A total blast to play!

Files Included	    :  Ambushed.Zip contains the following:
			  Ambushed.Map: The Level
			  Ambushed.Txt: Level Information

Additional Credits  :  Brandon McCoy, Dayton Beck (ETERNITY on TEN)
		       and Pavel Lagunas (Currency on TEN) for helping
		       me test my level. Thanks guys! I would also like
		       to thank the creators of duke nukem and to 
		       challenge them to a game of Ambushed.map! Please
		       spread the word of my challenge everyone!


*Play Information*

Episode and Level #   :  User Level
Single Player	      :  Yes, but only to check out the level
Duke Match	      :  YES!!!
Cooperative	      :  No
Difficulty Settings   :  Not implemented


Base	      :  New level from scratch (My first ever level)
Editor Used   :  Build
Build Time    :  No idea
Date of Map   :  End of July, 1996
Known Bugs    :  None that I know of. Please E-Mail me if you find any.

*Copyright Information*

- You may not use Ambushed.Map as a base to build additional levels.
- You may distribute Ambushed.Map as long as you include this text file
  with no modifications.

*Places to find this map file*

None yet, so e-mail your e-mail address and I will send it to you.