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Community Build Project 3 DUKE NUKEM 3D MAP

Map features

  • Authors: Alex Pistol (ShrinkDuke), Antonio Jesús Rodríguez (Grijan), Cedric Haegeman (Sang, Sangluss, Super-sang), Chris Coleman (CRCGamer), James Stanfield (Jblade, Jblade35), Mikko Sandt, Ryan Rouse (Quakis), Stephano Lessa, William Gee (Willy), Zilla
  • Main game type: Single Player
  • Supported game types: Single Player
  • Year: 2003
  • Country/es: Germany, Brazil, Belgium, Spain, Finland, New Zealand, Poland, United Kingdom
  • Minimum version: 1.4 (Atomic Edition)
  • New art: No
  • New sounds: No
  • New music: No
  • New .CON files: No
  • Addon required: No
  • EDuke32 required: No
  • Size of file: 74 kb

Readme of Community Build Project 3

Community Build Project. (CBP) "3"
Authors     : William Gee, James Stanfield, Zilla,
              Stephano Lessa, super-sang, Quakis, 
              Chris Coleman, Alex Pistol AKA ShrinkDuke, 
              Mikko Sandt, Grijan (Antonio Rodríguez),
Release date: May 8th, 2003.

Build Time  : About 4 months

Duke version: 1.3D

How to run  : Just copy the CBP.MAP file into your Duke
              Nukem 3D folder, open the DOS prompt and
              type "duke3d map cbp".

And so what's this?
A map built by 10 diferent builders. So 10 diferent styles everything is SP
Basicly same idea as CBP2.
Parts, in order
1  William Gee
2  James Stanfield
3  Zilla
4  Stephano Lessa
5  super-sang
6  Quakis
7  Chris Coleman
8  Alex Pistol AKA ShrinkDuke
9  Mikko Sandt
10 Grijan (Antonio Rodríguez)
Now, some authors wrote comments about their respective parts

Part 1 William Gee
Email geewillywizz@hotmail.com
Website www.artastic.co.nz
I started this project cause the last one was so fun and there were alot of new faces in AMC I thought they would love to join it! 
My part is a big desert style Nature part at the beggining. heaps of explosions and enimys eg.... 2 battleords 5 commanders 6 pigcops 4 liztroups 12 troupers. 


Part 2 James Stanfield
Email Jstanf35@hotmail.com

Well, here it is, Yet another underwater base. Since the one I did in the 2nd CBP went down
so well, I decided to create another one. I took part in this project as I had a lot of fun with the 2nd one, so
I felt inclined to join in again  Anyways I hope you enjoy playing this map, as a lot of work was put into it  


Part 3 - Zilla (ddeath.ttnetwk.com)
Mail: mincemeatmaker@gmx.de



Part 4 Stephano Lessa
Email kingnukem@zipmail.com.br
Ok this is the first time that I join CBP since its first launch . My part is a small Nighty- Industrial theme which is both outdoor and indoor . Hope you enjoy playing my part as well as other mappers work because we spent our time creating this for you. So go for it and have a nice play !  


Part 5 super-sang!
dating machine: maxdenukem@msn.com
Also my first time to join the CBP. My part is a little suprise for you (AND FOR ME)...well you'll have crappy sector fun with it. 


Part 6 Quakis
Email at gary@rouse7381.freeserve.co.uk
This is my first time to join CBP! I'm author of Nuked1! Well, my theme is now going to be a sort of Splinter Cell icy theme. Its got shadows for stealth! 

Part VII - Chris Coleman AKA CRCGamer

Made with looks and gameplay in mind. Short and sweet.
Mix of storage/aquatics/base architechture.
Painfully obvious switch... (couldn't help myself!)


Part 8: Alex Pistol AKA ShrinkDuke
e-mail: alex@reporter.pl

MINE part is mine. My first time ;-)... in CBP. My part is small, but there 
is some nice effects, so I hope you'll like it. So - play & enjoy! 


Part 9: Mikko Sandt 
I decided to join just for fun. My part is a canyon/desert/hi-tech. It's quite small with two outdoor areas & three indoor rooms. There are some shadows, details and monsters - that's about it. Have fun. 


Part 10 Grijan (Antonio Rodríguez)
Email ajgelado@eresmas.net
Website http://ajgelado.eresmas.net/

This map finishes in a garden located in the top of a skyscraper. The fountain located in its center is modelled after one placed near my home. I think you should pay attention to the suggestion on my part's starting room and save the game before it's too late! Oh, and look for the "Hi!" room ;-) .

Working in a map with people like William Gee and Mikko Sandt is a great thing, and makes me try to raise my level of mapping, even if I know I won't reach their quality. These are enough reasons to join any CBP project!

One last word. The damn switch in Chris' part is placed in $%&#@%! (censored :-) ). 

That's it, enjoy the map! :)