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Map features

  • Author: Jason Muhs (DarkCrow)
  • Main game type: Single Player
  • Supported game types: Single Player, Dukematch
  • Year: 1996
  • Country/es: unknown
  • Minimum version: 1.3d
  • New art: No
  • New sounds: No
  • New music: No
  • New .CON files: No
  • Addon required: No
  • EDuke32 required: No
  • Size of file: 24 kb

Readme of JM Base

Title                   :  JM Base
Filename                :  Jm-Base.map
Author                  :  Jason Muhs (DarkCrow)
E-mail                  :  76433.3331@compuserve.com
                           76433,3331 (compuserve)
Misc. Author Info.      :  16 year old (at the time this level was made) level
                           author. Also made 6 Dark Forces Levels, 2 editors,
                           and several video games. 
                           This is my 1ST Duke3d Level.
Description             :  Jm-Base is a very HUGE level for Duke3d. It is 
                           basically a structure filled with hallways, vents,
                           rooms, and enemies. There are TONS and TONS of 
                           rooms to explore. Don't get lost.  
                           To win the level, just find the Nuke Button and
                           hit it!
Additional Credits      :  --------

Updates may follow to this level as my skill increases.
So, if there was an update to his level it would be jm-base2.map
And the next would be jm-base3.map, etc..

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : It's a user level (1,1?)
Single Player           : Yes!
DukeMatch Level         : Yes! 
CoOp                    : No way! Why would you team up? =)
Difficulty Setting      : Not Implemented (this level is hard enough!)

* Construction *

Base                    : New Level From Scratch
Editor(s) used          : Build (duh?)
Known Bugs              : None known. Tell me if you find any.
Construction Time       : Roughly 2 and a half weeks (includes learning Build)

* Where to get this .MAP file *

FTP Sites               : Wherever the other Duke Levels are. 
BBS Numbers             : ---------
Other                   : CompuServe (GO GAME3D)

* How to load .MAP files *
        duke3d map [name of map]   
To load this .map:
        duke3d map jm-base.map

* Other *
-Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.
-Authors MAY add DukeMatch Sprites for thier own use. ( I am not sure if I 
 put them in the level correctly.. they may need to be changed).
-I am NOT responsible for any damage this level causes.

* Loads of Tips for JM-Base.map level *

This level is very challenging. If you get stuck playing, don't forget to 
look around closely for clues. In most cases, the answer is right under your 
feet or right above your head.

Don't underestimate the ventilation/floor shafts for good, clean escapes from 
battle. When in doubt, dive into a nearby shaft and see where it goes. There 
are alot of these helpful shafts for your convenience. 

Before entering a new "area" of the base, always make sure to stock up on 
supplies and ammo. You never know what style of ambushes await you, and 
there are always plenty of supply rooms to stock up.

This level is VERY BIG. Check your map constantly to make sure you haven't
already explored the area you are in. 
When playing DukeMatch, you have ALOT of space to move around in. Make use of
this space by hiding in dark corners and waiting for your opponent to show up 
in the middle of the room. Then, blast away! Also: water, behind counters, 
security desks, and barrels make great ambush and hiding spots!  

While playing DukeMatch, make sure you are the first one to grab the pair of
nightvision goggles! Some rooms are very dark, and this will give you a 
gigantic advantage!

When playing DukeMatch, also remember to grab one of the few jetpacks. The 
players who get the jetpacks first will probably be able to setup more 
ambushes and will be able to "slip" out of sectors faster. 

When playing DukeMatch, don't forget, some players will have better starting
positions than others. Some will have more weapons and ammo at their starting
location. Some will have an airtank or jetpack at thier starting location. 
One lucky player will even start in a hidden location (Not secret)!

When playing DukeMatch, look for the room hidden behind the counter in the
crew quarters. It provides an excellent vantage point for those willing to
risk the onslaught of troopers in the crew quarters. Once secured in this 
room (you must have a jetpack to get any use out of this room), fly up to 
the sniper window and happy hunting! It is not very useful in single player
mode, however. 

When playing DukeMatch, don't forget about the advantages of underwater. Hide
in a pool of water and pop out and smash your opponent when he passes by!