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Características del mapa

  • Autor: David Liddle
  • Tipo de juego principal: Single Player
  • Tipos compatibles: Single Player, Dukematch
  • Año: 1998
  • País: Reino Unido
  • Versión mínima: 1.3d
  • Nuevas texturas: No
  • Nuevos sonidos: No
  • Nueva música: No
  • Nuevos archivos .CON: No
  • Requiere Addon: No
  • Requiere EDuke32: No
  • Tamaño del archivo: 61 kb

Readme de City Gold

Title                   : City Gold
Filename                : citygold.MAP
Author                  : David Liddle
Email Address           : liddle@gamesland.freeserve.co.uk
Web Page                : www.gamesland.freeserve.co.uk
Misc. Author Info       : 16 year old Duke 3D fanatic
Other Levels            : Nothing good enough to release to general
Description             : Lots of Duke Levels which are in the city
			  thrown together to make an even better one.
Story			: None
Additional Credits to   : 3D Realms for making such an ace game!

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : User Map
Single Player           : Yes - There are still some monsters around
Cooperative Level       : No
DukeMatch Level         : Yes - It Rocks - only tested with 2 people so far.
Difficulty Settings     : Not implemented
Plutonium Pak Required  : No
New Art                 : No
New Music               : No
New Sound Effects       : No
New .CON Files          : No
Demos Replaced          : None

* Construction *

Base                    : Various Duke3D levels (made by 3D Realms)
Build Time              : 1 hour
Editor(s) used          : Build
Known Bugs              : Sometimes while in the subway, you will be
			  Transported to the road above.

* Copyright / Permissions *

You may distribute this file provided you include this file, with any
modifications. Authors may use this file as a base for additional
levels, but at least give me some credit !

* Where to get this MAP file *

FTP sites: ---

BBS numbers: ---

Other: My Web Site (at top of page)