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Características del mapa

  • Autor: John Weeder
  • Tipo de juego principal: Dukematch
  • Tipos compatibles: Single Player, Dukematch
  • Año: 1997
  • País: desconocido
  • Versión mínima: 1.4 (Atomic Edition)
  • Nuevas texturas: No
  • Nuevos sonidos: No
  • Nueva música: No
  • Nuevos archivos .CON: Si
  • Requiere Addon: No
  • Requiere EDuke32: No
  • Tamaño del archivo: 69 kb

Readme de Duke Deth

Title                    :Duke Deth
Author                   :John Weeder
E-mail                   :jweeder@msn.com,john.weeder@abii.com
Web Page                 :Nope...
Description              :A 3-6 player Death Match only level. The level has
                          been played quite often with two players but the 
                          play is a little dull. 7 or 8 players causes quite 
                          a bloodfest.
                          See below for a description.
                          This level has several interesting features I've
                          never seen in other Duke DeathMatch levels... 
                          including "The Chutes", "The Goodie Room", and
                          "The Post Office".
                          The Chutes, in particular, are a feature I'm very 
                          proud of and which I think should be included in 
                          every Death Match level.
Additional Credits to    :All the people who helped play test this level.


       * Play Information *

Episode and Level #      :User Map
Single Player            :There are a bunch of monsters to test your practice
                          the level with... but this is NOT a single player
DukeMatch Level          :What else?

       * Construction *

Base                     :New Level From Scratch
Editors Used             :Build
Time to Complete         :~1 month (too much time on my hands)
Known Bugs               :None known

      * Where to Get this Map *

Ftp sites:

BBS Numbers:

Other: Internet...

     * Legal Stuff *

Go ahead and distribute it. Just don't copy it and claim it as your own.



A Walk Thru of DukeDeth (DukDth33.map)

. And some unsolicited comments on Duke Death Match Level Design

* The Chutes *

When you enter DukeDeth, you find yourself in a rather strange place. 
You might think this is a really cheesy, one-room level, but read on...

One of my main theories in level design is to always handicap the 
better player. For example, how often have you played Hollywood 
Holocaust and observed a kill? The killed player resurrects with 100 
health, no armor and a pistol. The player who is still alive runs to 
collect the armor, the jetpack, the heat visor, several health atoms 
and all the RPG ammo. and usually gets another easy kill in the 
process. and the process repeats.

This scenario happens quite often and creates two problems. First, the 
game play is slowed while the killed player slinks around trying to 
collect war materiel. Second, the better player is tends to always be 
in the dominant position (200 health, 100 armor, and a full load of 
ammo). The poorer player always finds himself in the position of 
"bringing a knife to a gun fight" (newly resurrected with 100 health, 
no armor and a pistol). This isn't fun for the poorer player and it 
isn't really a challenge for the better player.
The solution, as demonstrated in DukeDeth, is known as the "Chutes". 
All players start in a common room. There are no weapons in this room 
and the floor is lava (so you have to move on). There are eight long 
hallways leading from this room. Once you enter a hallway, you can not 
re-enter the main chamber (a one-way wall blocks your return). Each 
hallway is loaded with goodies. Basically, you get one of everything. 
The walls of the hallway are specially designed so that you can't trip-
mine them.  At the end of each hallway is a transporter that takes you 
to the actual arena. Each hallway also "features" a particular weapon. 
For instance, if you choose the "RPG hallway", you will be given a full 
load of RPG ammo and you will enter the arena with the RPG selected as 
your current weapon.

The advantage of this layout is two fold. Game play is sped up because 
players don't have to spend time hunting war materiel just to get 
started.  And, the better player is given a built-in handicap because 
the fragged player always re-enters the game with 200 health, 100 armor 
and a load of goodies. There are a couple of other features I would 
like to point out. The initial room contains a very large exit button 
AND, on the wall, is posted the level name, level version, author's 
name and author's email address.

* The Arena *

The center of activity for the level is a large, roughly circular 
Arena. At the center of the Arena is the "Castle". The Castle consists 
of a set of circular steps protected by a few walls (which are ideal 
for shooting and ducking). Just outside of the Castle is a spinning, 
circular track, a la "Spin Cycle". I guess you could consider this to 
be the Castle's moat. Just outside this spinning track, the floor in 
the north half the arena slopes steeply up to a ledge running along the 
outside wall. This ledge is home to the Goodie Room and a First Aid 
Station. Two dark rooms, known as the Dungeons, exit the south half of 
the Arena. To the east is a steep sloping passage to the Jousting room. 
To the south and west are two entrances to Jeff's Tunnel.

* The Siren Song of the Goodie Room *

DukeDeth has a special feature known as the "Goodie Room". The Goodie 
Room, as you might suspect, is loaded with goodies. Enough goodies, in 
fact, that you can't possibly carry them all. You gain access to the 
Goodie Room as follows: 
1) Press the switch on the southwest wall of the Arena (Switch A). 
2) At the other end of the Arena, a wall lowers to reveal another 
switch (Switch B). 
3) Gulp your steroids.
4) Run and press Switch B. 
5) Switch B opens a door to a teleporter back at the other side of the 
6) Run to the teleporter. The teleporter will take you to the "Goodie 

The Goodie Room itself is a very long hallway with walls specially 
designed to prevent attaching trip mines. The floor is deadly poison so 
that you can't linger. Run down the hallway and collect the goodies. 
The hallway exits through a large door back into the Arena. 

Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention a couple things. When you press Switch 
A, somebody may be waiting at Switch B. They could press it and beat 
you to the goodies. OR, someone could wait for you to press switch B 
and then simply out-run you to the teleporter.  BUT, even if you get to 
the Goodie Room, you're not home free! The far end of the Goodie room 
is a one-way wall. You can get out of the Goodie Room, but they can't 
get in. On the other hand, they can SHOOT into the Goodie Room but you 
can't shoot out. If you are in the Goodie Room, there is no where to 
hide and no where to retreat. You must run the gauntlet. Do or die! 

To some the Goodie Room is a siren song they can't resist. They push 
switch A and then get shredded as everyone comes running. If opponents 
are waiting, it is very difficult to go from A to B to the transporter 
and then escape the gauntlet of the Goodie Room hallway without being 
terminated. If everyone is hiding, however, you can get a free lunch. 
After a while, everyone learns to come running when they hear the doors 
of the Goodie Room grind open. And then the fun begins. Players push 
Switch A and run directly to the Teleporter; hoping some sneaky player 
will help them out by pressing Switch B. OR everyone runs directly to 
the teleporter door and nobody pushes Switch B.  OR players push switch 
A and then run for a sniper spot hoping to pick off everyone who comes 
to join the fray. Well... you get the idea. It's more fun than a barrel 
of monkeys and about as predictable 

* First Aid Station *

I don't like to put a lot of health in a Death Match level. It tends to 
skew the game in favor of the good player.  After each kill, the good 
player simply goes and recovers his health and prepares to face the 
poorer player again. If you remove the health, the good player is 
eventually widdled down so that the poorer player can get a kill.

The only health (some MedKits) in DukeDeth is found the First Aid 
Station that is located along the brightly lit ledge at the outside of 
the Arena.  The MedKits are placed behind closed doors so that you must 
"present your back" in order to grab the health. The doors themselves 
are specially designed to be easily trip mine'd. When someone has been 
hurt, this is the place to come looking for them. 

* The Dungeons *

Two dark Dungeons connect the Arena and Jeff's tunnels. The Dungeons 
are ideal sniper locations. Dark and with a wide view of both the 
Jeff's Tunnel and the Arena. Both Dungeons feature an Air Duct and an 
Under Water connection. providing plenty of escape routes. 
Unfortunately, it is difficult to protect your back and the Dungeons 
seem to draw a lot of fire from a lot of places.

* Air Ducts *

A small web of Air Ducts connects DukeDeth. Each of the Air Duct exits 
is carefully positioned to overlook a key area of the level. Beware! 
Lingering in the Air Ducts could trigger a delivery from the "mail 
man". There are small ledges at the end of each Air Duct. The ledges 
assist with entry to the Air Ducts and provide a good sniper location. 
However, the ends of the Air Ducts and the ledges are coated with slime 
so that you can't linger about too long.

* Jeff's Tunnel *

Named after, well. Jeff (who can always be found lurking in them),  
these dark, dank corridors form a rough cross.  At the crossroads are 
two Air Ducts providing superior sniper points, a water puddle and a 
bridge from which to roast your unworthy opponents as they pass 

Two entrances abut the Arena, one entrance connects to the Joust, and 
the other exit is one-way wall overlooking the luxurious Library. There 
is nothing particularly note worthy about these back passages except 
that a good player can make his fame by ambushing the weak and 
unsuspecting from their concealing darkness. Bad players just tend to 
die a lot.

* The Library *

To the very south of the level is a dark, plushly appointed room known 
as the Library.  It is not unusual to find players chasing one another 
about the Library... jumping book cases, hiding behind stub walls or 
taking protection along the irregularly shaped walls. The Library is a 
dangerous place to be... but some people like that. Two hollow columns 
grace one end of the library.  Standing in these columns, you can see 
out, but they can't see in (however they can SHOOT in). If you get 
tired of being ambushed from the hollow columns, you can always place 
trip mines in the bottom of them (to teach a lesson to the next 
player). The rest of the room is occupied by a series of book cases, 
stub walls, ramps, two Air Duct outlets, and two water puddles.  The 
Library is entered at the top, through a one-way wall from Jeff's 
Tunnel. The bottom of the Library exits into the Joust.

* The Joust *

Located on the east end of the level, the Joust consists of two 
conveyors moving rapidly in opposite directions. A small wall loaded 
with goodies separates the conveyors.  Water puddles have accumulated 
at either end of the Joust. Good players often jump in the water puddle 
at one end of the conveyor,  swim a short distance under water and then 
pop up out of the water at the far end just in time to waylay an 
unsuspecting enemy. More often, two opponents "duke" it out like two 
medieval knights rushing headlong down the conveyors toward one another 
in a modern joust. The Joust has three entrances - from the Library, 
Jeff's Tunnel and the Arena. There is also a nice Air Duct overlooking 
both the Joust and the Post Office.

* The Post Office *

Off to one side of the Joust is a small room known as the Post Office. 
On the wall is a long row of  "mail boxes".  When a mail box turns from 
red to green, it means someone has entered a particular sector 
elsewhere in the level. At this point, the correct action is to deliver 
a "mail bomb" to the other player.  This is done by throwing a pipe 
bomb or firing a rocket at the mail box. The surprised player at the 
other end will then see a rocket or pipe bomb materialize out of a 
wall! Boy, isn't this country great!

The security camera screens are located on the side walls of the Post 
Office.  An electronic version of the Most Wanted posters in a real PO.

* Under Water *

Another feature of a good level is that you should be able to get from 
any one place to any other very quickly. Although DukeDeth is a 
relatively large level, it is possible to get from one area to another 
in just a few seconds.

The easiest way to do this is to jump into one of the numerous water 
puddles, swim a short distance and then surface clear across the level. 
The Under Water chamber is honey combed with a series of columns of 
running water.  creating a very interesting effect. It also makes for 
some very interesting deep sea battles.  Various goodies (mostly 
ammunition) line the floor of the pool.

* The Shafts *

Two vertical Shafts provide another unique means of rapid 
transportation about the level. Starting within the hollow columns of 
the Library, you can jetpack straight up... passing through the Post 
Office and eventually popping out into the Arena. The Shafts make great 
sniper locations; many a player has made his mark by giving their 
unworthy adversary the "shaft". However the Shafts are also a favorite 
place to plant trip mines. and the next player through them gets 

*.CON Files *

For playing DukeDeth, I suggest using my special, altered .CON file. I 
have only changed USER.CON and my special revisions are contained in 
the file named USER.DD. First of all, trip mines were made 
translucent... just to make things a bit more interesting. Then the 
number of freeze bounces was increased (we all play on Pentium Pro 
200's so speed isn't a real issue).

The duration of the scuba gear has been cut by a factor of 8. The 
default value worked well for single player levels but was simply far 
too large to be a factor in Death Match play. HoloDuke duration was 
doubled. Jetpack  duration was cut in half. Boot duration was increased 
by 4X.  Boiled down, this means that the scuba, jetpack and boots all 
have the same duration.

Where as the weapons in Doom II had a fairly ideal balance, the weapons 
in Duke (in my humble opinion) do not have such a successful balance... 
especially in Death Match. In fact, many weapons are seldom used at 
all. My goal in changing the .CON files was two fold. First, weapon 
strength has been increased over-all simply to improve the blood flow 
(also because players tend to have 200 health and 100 armor coming out 
of the chutes). Second, the less desirable weapons have been made more 
potent in an effort to entice people to use them.  You may or may not 
like my changes. try them and see.

* John's Death Match Duke Level Tips *

Let me start off by saying that I am hardly the world's expert on Death 
Match Duke Levels.  I simply feel that Death Match Duke levels should 
be designed using logic. not gut feeling and not necessarily to be 
"pretty". And so, I have compiled a list of considerations I feel 
should go into a level. Sure, there is an exception to every rule. I 
won't debate you on that. And sure, I'm probably just plain wrong on 
some of my assertions... so... You might not like some of what I say; 
in fact, you might not like any of what I say; but at least I got you 

* A Reason For Everything *

This is my golden rule: Try to have a reason for everything that goes 
into your level. Have a master plan or a theme for your level. Ask 
yourself, "Why did I insert this sector?", "How is the game improved by 
adding this goody?".  Which brings us to.

* Simplicity  *

The K.I.S.S. principle applies to Duke levels as well.  Go through your 
level, look at each line, each sector, each sprite. as yourself, "Can I 
remove this item and not impact the level.?". If the answer is "Yes", 
remove the item.

I like to ask a series of questions for each "area" in the level:

Does this area need to exist? (It should)
Does something draw players to this area? (Something should)
Are there at least two entrances/exits from this area? (Should be)
Can I attack from this area? (Should be able to)
Can someone attack me in this area? (Should be able to)
Does this area favor a particular weapon? (Often good, to provide 
Does this area favor a particular style of play? (Often good)

* Measure / Counter Measure *

In general, I don't like "King of the Hill" type levels. I have tried 
to design DukeDeth so that there is a counter measure for measure. For 
example, I have tried to go through every possible position on the 
level and make sure that each position has good selection of targets 
and that a number of other positions can target you. There are no safe 
corners you can back into. If you find a good sniper spot, rest assured 
that there is someplace where someone can draw a clean bead on you.

* Runners vs Snipers *

Death Match games seem to feature two kinds of players: runners and 
snipers.  The runners dash about at full speed shooting anything they 
see. The snipers lurk in the shadows waiting for their prey to come 
buy. A game consisting of all snipers can be pretty boring. A game of 
all runners turn into an orgy of blood with little skill involved. 
DukeDeth has features designed to get the snipers to occasionally move 
and the runners to occasionally slow down. 

The mailboxes protect some sniper some points. Often, just firing a few 
random shots into the mailboxes can flush your quarry. Most of the 
sniper locations also have lava or some other poison on the floor. The 
sniper can linger until his/her boots and jetpack run out... but then 
must move out. The Goodie Room also serves to draw snipers from their 

Runners are "controlled" by access to the goodies (ie a resource  
constraint). Eventually a runner must recharge his night vision or his 
jet pack or reload on ammo.  If you know someone uses the jetpack, you 
can simply wait for him in the Air Vents.  If someone uses steroids or 
night vision, eventually he must return to the Joust. Clever use of 
trip mines in conjunction with the various one-way walls is another to 
get the runners to "hang themselves with their own rope".

Actually, the runner vs. sniper problem is simply another example of 
the "Measure/Counter Measure" philosophy. i.e. no particular strategy 
should be allowed to get the upper hand and each strategy should have 
an effective way to deal with the other.

* Goodie Placement *

In general, if goodie is present, it should be present at least twice 
in order to prevent one player from "hogging". Sometimes I do this 
simply by stacking several of the same goodie in the same location (for 
example, the First Aid Station).

There should be enough goodies to prevent starvation... but not enough 
goodies so that people get "fat and happy".

I try to place goodies a long way from where they are used. Scuba gear 
is in the Tunnels, boots are Under Water, jet packs are in the Air 
Vents.  The idea is to keep players circulating throughout the entire 

Another use for goodies is to draw people into less traveled areas.  
Goodies are positioned to draw you into the open or take you "off the 
beaten path". I like to observe my level being played. If an area isn't 
being used, I place goodies there to draw players to it. If that 
doesn't work, I remove the area!

Mastering the level should require effective use of all weapons and 
inventory. DukeDeth has places that require steroids (Goodie Room), the 
jet pack (the Shafts), the scuba gear (Under Water), etc.

* Designing for Weapons *

Try to design your level to allow the use of each weapon.  DukeDeth has 
a number of places designed specially to accept trip mines. The large 
Arena favors the chain gun and grower.  The Tunnel's favor the shot gun 
and shrinker. The pipe bomb and RPG work very well in the Post Office. 
Traversing DukeDeth requires careful attention to your currently 
selected weapon.

* Shadows *

Single player Duke levels use shadowing to create the feeling of 
reality. In a Death Match level, shadows are primarily used to enhance 
game play. The shadowing in Duke Deth is hardly "realistic". Highly 
desireable positions are often brightly lit to make them more 
vulnerable. Crevices are darkened to make them into sniper positions. 
Large rooms are darkened simply to improve the frame rate. 

* Textures *

I don't use textures to create a realistic experience. I use textures 
to define an area. Each room has a unique texture and then texture is 
very different from the other areas in the level. The idea is to help 
the new user understand the layout of the level. For example, each 
segment of air duct in DukeDeth utilizes its own texture.

* Symmetry *

Symmetry is useful in acclimating a new user to your level. DukeDeth 
use symmetry when possible to make the level easier to understand. The 
trick is to not add symmetry solely for symmetry's sake (and make the 
level too large or complex).

* Floors & 3D *

DukeDeth tries to take advantage of  the 3-dimensional character of 
Duke.  Floors slope, rooms are set at various heights, there is even a 
place where you can walk over a bridge over someone else's head. There 
are places you can jump to and places where you need to fly to and 
places where you need to swim and places where you need to crawl.
* Ceiling *

Pay as close of attention to the ceiling as to the floor. Jet Packer's 
use the ceiling the way others use the floor. Leave ledges in the 
ceiling to hide behind and slope the ceiling to make maneuvering