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Chaoz Island DUKE NUKEM 3D MAP

Map features

  • Author: Jonathan Johnson (Agamemnon)
  • Main game type: Dukematch
  • Supported game types: Dukematch
  • Year: 1996
  • Country/es: unknown
  • Minimum version: 1.3d
  • New art: Yes
  • New sounds: No
  • New music: No
  • New .CON files: No
  • Addon required: No
  • EDuke32 required: No
  • Size of file: 67 kb

Readme of Chaoz Island

Title                    : CHAOZ ISLAND
File Name                : CHAOZ.MAP
Author                   : AGAMEMNON (Jonathan Johnson)
Email Address            : Psyclone@netvoyage.net

Misc. Author Info        : Author of this and many other levels. 
Description              : Once you start the level you'll know why it's
                           called Chaoz Island. I made my own animating
                           "chaos" texture which is used throughout the level.
                           It will probably give you a headache if you watch
                           it for too long, especialy in the Chaoz Room 
                           (north). If you fall out into the chaoz sky you 
                           will fall to your death. If you are good enough 
                           however, you can try to fall to the center of the 
                           arena where a portal will take you up to the 
                           fountain and you might live. The much needed 
                           jetpack is not present on this level. It eliminates 
                           the point of the level which is the fact that it is 
                           easy to fall.

********IMPORTANT********: To play this level YOU MUST INSTALL MY NEW GRAPHICS
                        FOR IT TO WORK PROPERLY. Otherwise you'll get one hell
                        of an error! To install the graphics (not perminate)
                        you must rename CHAOZ.ART to TILES014.ART (type: "ren
                        chaoz.art tiles014.art"). If TILES014.art allready
                        exists then you should probably make a backup of it
                        before over-writing it. To uninstall the graphics
                        (which you don't really need to do as it dosn't affect
                        other levels unless they have new graphics too) you 
                        must rename the TILES014.ART back to CHAOZ.ART.

Additional Credits to    : The Nukem Crew

 * Play Information *

Episode and Level #      : E1M1
Single Player            : Yes. To check it out.
DukeMatch Level          : Yes!
Difficulty Settings      : Nope.

 * Construction *

Base                     : New level from scratch.
Editor(s) used           : Build & Editart
Known Bugs               : If I knew about em, they wouldn't be there!

* Where to get this MAP file *

It's a little late for that, now isn't it?