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Map features

  • Author: Alan Nanut
  • Main game type: Single Player
  • Supported game types: Single Player, Dukematch, Cooperative
  • Year: 1996
  • Country/es: Canada
  • Minimum version: 1.3d
  • New art: No
  • New sounds: Yes
  • New music: No
  • New .CON files: No
  • Addon required: No
  • EDuke32 required: No
  • Size of file: 89 kb

Readme of Facility

Title                 : FACILITY.MAP
Author                : Alan Nanut
E-mail                : blazer@digital-rain.com or mnanut@intergate.bc.ca 

Description           :  This is one wicked single/coop/deathmatch level.
                         Just perfectly made and sized for 1-8 plyrs! :)
                         My best level yet (my second level so far).
                         Nice lighting, choice of textures, and wicked
                         gameplay.  Took me 2 damn weeks...
                         This is a MUST! for any Duke fan!!!  keycards put
                         in, skill setting put in, last boss, well-placed
                         deathmatch starts.  

Other levels by me    :  ALSDMCIT.MAP is a deathmatch only level.

* Play Information *

Single Player         : OF COURSE!!!!
DukeMatch Level       : OBVIOUSLY!
Difficulty Settings   : IMPLEMENTED!!!
External Sound Files  : Yes, BARMUSIC.VOC - the aliens love it.

* Construction *

Base                  : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used        : Build & Goldwave for me cool music...
Known Bugs            : Absolutely none that My friend and I could


        The aliens have defeated the humans and taken over the Ammunition
        Manufacturing Facility (A.M.F.) and are going to use our weapons
        and ammunition against the rest of us.  It is now only up to Duke
        to kill of ALL of the baddies and most importantly the BOSS!!
        Good luck.

        HINT: Be sure to look all around the level for hidden areas, some
        are really high, and there could be some goodies around there to help ya.
        you through your level.