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Map features

  • Authors: Ben (Hoyhoy, Jackswich), Jeff (Person)
  • Main game type: Single Player
  • Supported game types: Single Player, Dukematch
  • Year: 1996
  • Country/es: unknown
  • Minimum version: 1.3d
  • New art: No
  • New sounds: No
  • New music: No
  • New .CON files: No
  • Addon required: No
  • EDuke32 required: No
  • Size of file: 16 kb

Reviews of JB:

Readme of JB

Title                 : jb.map
Authors               : Jeff and Ben
E-mail                : gmorgjr@ix.netcom.com
Web Page              : Don't have one

Description           : What can I say the level is awesome!!! There are a ton
                        of secrets. Good luck finding them all. 

Additional Credits to : The guys who made Duke3d and the guy who made Build.
                        I would also like to thank the guy who made the .map
                        file movie.map. 


* Play Information *

Single Player         : Yes
DukeMatch Level       : Yes
Difficulty Settings   : Not implemented

* Construction *

Base                  : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used        : Build
Known Bugs            : Couple of texture problems (email me if you find 
                        any more).

* Where to get this MAP file *

FTP sites:

BBS numbers:

Other: You can sometimes find us on IRC. Jeff is usually person or ^person^ 
       and Ben is hoyhoy or jackswich. Feel free to email us with any
       suggestion (or maps!!!).