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Map features

  • Author: DnS
  • Main game type: Single Player
  • Supported game types: Single Player, Dukematch
  • Year: 1996
  • Country/es: unknown
  • Minimum version: 1.3d
  • New art: No
  • New sounds: No
  • New music: No
  • New .CON files: Yes
  • Addon required: No
  • EDuke32 required: No
  • Size of file: 96 kb

Reviews of Ufo:

Readme of Ufo

Title                   : Ufo 
Filename                : Ufo.MAP
Author                  : DnS
Email Address           : none
Misc. Author Info       : Creator of some Doom & Doom II single and deathmatch
                          levels like STARSHIP.WAD, GARDEN.WAD. 
                          This is my first attempt to create one of these fine
                          Duke levels. I wanted to make izt just look like one
                          of the original Duke maps with their vast amount of
Description             : This is a very huge and difficult level, so I 
                          recommend that you use the hints im going to give
                            -   dont run through the level like a berserker
                                make slow and careful steps, it will help
                                to survive
                            -   always go back to already visited rooms some
                                of the times there may be a new weapon, nothing
                                or just a big alien waiting to rip you apart
                            -   dont shoot that many, there isnt much ammunition
                                in this map, its little but sufficent!!
                            -   dont cheat, i really hate cheater and in the 
                                case i get one i will blow him up, so be honest
                                and stay to your uncapability of managing this 

A little walk-throgh:   After you've done a blowjob on the toilet you notice
                        the shotgun behind you. As you start to wonder why
                        you would need one you opened the door and then as you
                        see this big fat pig you know for what you need the
                        shotgun. After killing th pig from the door and the two
                        lizards which are a bit nervous about you coming their
                        way, you slowly open the second door and shoot the lizard
                        captain. Now you make a quick step into the room and back
                        . Now you notice that there is an additional lizard in
                        the floor, you kill it and look out of a window. Wow,
                        another one. You jump out and kill it, then you turn right
                        kill the other two that just have materialized. Now you 
                        go back into the builing to the one room you just stepped
                        in and kill the Chaingun-dude that was behind the door. 
                        Now you go through the small hole that is in one wall 
                        and kill the pigcops that are in the next room with the 
                        pipebombs youve just found. Now you go to the door and
                        shoot at the pig in the blue room. When its dead, you 
                        just glance out and shoot at the pig that is standing in
                        the middle of the floor. Then you go into the blue room
                        and turn quickly as a little lizard will be trying to kill
                        you by now. Then you go back in the last room, there
                        should be another pig, kill it. Then kill the pig taht
                        is on the top of the stairs but dont go up now. Instead
                        you go round the corner, kill the 2 lizards and open the
                        door to the bathroom very carfully as a pigcop is waiting
                        for you. After killing this little animal, you should 
                        glance around the door as there is a lizard captain 
                        waiting for its death. After killing him you go back
                        into the floor and jump out of the window and kill the
                        3 materializing enemies. Now youre ready to go to the
                        upper floor in the house. Now you see that you can
                        manage this level by just making slow, well-thought
                        steps instead of running and being killed by the
                        masses of enemies that will appear when you walk a too
                        great distance.
                        Some hints for end:
                        - Save ammunition for there are all 3 bosses in a small
                          version in this level and for the first one you wont
                          have a RPG!!
                        - The 2nd and 3rd boss kill themselves when they have to
                          shoot too high or too low to hit you.
                        - Be sure to get the red key before you teleport to the
                        Additional hints in understanding the level:
                        - At first you are in house, there is also a street and
                          more houses.
                        - One of the houses breakes down and reveals a path
                          through solid rock to the interieur of a space ship
                        - The Ship teleports you to the outside of the ship
                          (other side of the rock you saw when the house broke 
                        - The ship has a connection to its space station on 
                          top of itself. The lightning will teleport you there!

Additional Credits to   : As this is a very tough level (I can do a run through
                          without saving and without secrets and killing all 
                          monsters!!) only I tested it. My friends only came
                          to the first or sometimes to the second corner (he he).

* Play Information *

Single Player           : Yeap
DukeMatch Level         : There are some start points in it but it isnt created
                          for more players, really not!
Difficulty Settings     : Not implemented

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch 
Editor(s) used          : Build Editor
Known Bugs              : None (im perfect in making levels (well at least I
                          hope so)
           DIE AS THEY APPEAR (2nd and 3rd Level boss pal)