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Características del mapa

  • Autores: Clive Bridgman, Dean Theobald
  • Tipo de juego principal: Single Player
  • Tipos compatibles: Single Player, Dukematch, Cooperative
  • Año: 1996
  • País: desconocido
  • Versión mínima: 1.3d
  • Nuevas texturas: No
  • Nuevos sonidos: No
  • Nueva música: No
  • Nuevos archivos .CON: No
  • Requiere Addon: No
  • Requiere EDuke32: No
  • Tamaño del archivo: 11 kb

Reviews de Airlock:

Readme de Airlock

Title			: Airlock 

Filename		: Airlock.Map

Authors			: Clive Bridgman & Dean Theobald 
Email Address		: abridgman@cccp.net

Misc. Author Info	: 15 year old students. Please send 
			  any comments concerning this 
			  level to the above address

Description		: This is the first level we've created, and 
			  we feel that it is a nasty S.O.B.

Additional Credits to	: Parents; for allowing use of the computer
			  3D Realms; for the creation of such a 
			  brilliant game


* Play Information *

Episode and Level #	: Not applicable; user level

Single Player		: Yes

Dukematch Level		: Yes 

Co-op Level		: Yes

Difficulty Settings	: Not Implemented

* Construction *

Base			: New level from scratch

Build Time		: 1 Week

Editor(s) used		: Build.EXE

Known Bugs		: None

* Where to get this Map file *

As you've already found it, this shouldn't be 
too much of a problem

Other			: Permission and Copyright;
			  You MAY NOT use this level as 
			  a base to expand upon.
			  You may reproduce and distribute this 
			  level on any format (Diskette, BBS etc.) 
			  so long as this text file is included.