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Dweller 2 Duke MAPA DE DUKE NUKEM 3D

Características del mapa

  • Autor: Jay
  • Tipo de juego principal: Dukematch
  • Tipos compatibles: Dukematch
  • Año: 1996
  • País: desconocido
  • Versión mínima: 1.3d
  • Nuevas texturas: No
  • Nuevos sonidos: No
  • Nueva música: No
  • Nuevos archivos .CON: No
  • Requiere Addon: No
  • Requiere EDuke32: No
  • Tamaño del archivo: 9 kb

Readme de Dweller 2 Duke

Duke Nukem 3D

"Dweller ][ Duke"

Filename:                       DWL2DUKE.MAP
Author:                         Jay
Misc. Author Info:              Hey there. I am a freelance level designer. I
                                will probly only BUILD a few levels before I 
                                get bored with it (yeah right!)...hope you
                                like them.

Description:                    Well, this is my first Duke3d MAP so I thought
                                I would start out converting a killer Doom2 
                                DeathMatch WAD called Dweller2. This is not
                                because I am not original. It was to learn the
                                Editor and try different things with a PROVEN
                                level, and then move on to original work.
                                I recommend between 3 and 6 players for this
				level. Enjoy! 

Additional Credits to:          Fugazi- for prodding me (literally with a cat-
                                tle prod!) into doing maps so that he could
                                trash them with `opinions'...
                                Axeman- one of my playtesters...the OTHER one
                                was already mentioned.
                                Doomster- for starting a multi-player BBS in
                                my calling area (25c calls sure do add up...)

* Play Information *

Single Player:                  Uhhh..duh..ya, sure...have fun...
Dukematch Level:                Duuuhh...no man Co-op RULZ!!! Just kidding...
Difficulty Settings:            This level is only hard when u play me in it.

* Construction *

Base:                           Modified Dweller2.wad (Doom2-duh...) converted
                                to Duke3d. NO, I did not use some cheesy conv-
                                ersion tool. I did this from scratch. ;]
Editor(s) used:                 Uhh..like, DEU2..or something...DCK? I don't
                                remember. DukeCad?
Known Bugs:                     There are usually little bugs running around
                                shortly after you pick up the SHRINK RAY...and
                                what do we do with bugs??? 

* Where to get this MAP file *

WEB sites:*

FTP sites:                      ftp.cdrom.com and mirrors 

BBS numbers:                    The Arena BBS (813)920-6770
                                The Village (813)986-1945 

Other:                          1-900-DUKE-MAP**

*:   this category has been added by myself in an attempt to update this doom-
     aged template.
**:  if you believe this, PLEASE delete my map files from your hard drive im-
     mediately. I wouldn't want them to fall into the wrong hands...