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Jurassic Park - Chaos Theory MAPA DE DUKE NUKEM 3D

Características del mapa

  • Autor: Alberto Garcia
  • Tipo de juego principal: Single Player
  • Tipos compatibles: Single Player
  • Año: 2003
  • País: Argentina
  • Versión mínima: 1.3d
  • Nuevas texturas: No
  • Nuevos sonidos: No
  • Nueva música: No
  • Nuevos archivos .CON: No
  • Requiere Addon: No
  • Requiere EDuke32: No
  • Tamaño del archivo: 33 kb

Readme de Jurassic Park - Chaos Theory

Title                   : Jurassic Park - Chaos Theory
Filename                : jpark_ct.map
Author			: Alberto Garcia
Email Address		: albrt_g@yahoo.com.ar
Misc. Author Info	: -

Story			: After the incidents in Isla Nubla and Isla Sorna, InGen,
			  the company behind the Jurassic Park project, decided to
			  open a new research facility located once again in a remote
                          island west of Costa Rica, called Isla Pánico. They started
			  constructing Jurassic Park again from the beginning. They
                          took better precautions: stronger electric fences and heavily
                          armed guards. "This time, there will be no mistakes", they

			  For the first months, everything was OK on the island. All 
			  the facilities were functional. The dinosaurs where growing
			  without problems. Yep, everything was all right... until a 
                          saboteur placed human DNA inside the dinosaur production

			  At first, the problem went unnoticed. The dinosaurs didn't 
                          appear to have any peculiar characteristics. Until they
			  grew up...

			  They became very intelligent. They acquired human shape. They
			  started reproducing very fast.

                          Scientists named them "Dinosauroids". They started to wreak
                          havoc. They killed the guards and learned to use their weapons,
			  thus leaving the workers and scientists in danger. The few
			  people who survived left the island inmediately, leaving the
			  electric fences offline without noticing. Most Dinosauroids
			  found a way out of their cages.

                          Jurassic Park had an almost unlimited energy source:
                          Geothermal power, directly from Earth's core. All the systems
                          on the island were still working even without the technicians.
                          The escaped scientists checked the island's satelite video 
			  system and discovered that the Dinosauroids were becoming even
                          more intelligent, they were starting to understand how the 
  			  machinery worked. If they ever realized how to use JP's systems
                          to get out of the island, they could become a threat to the 
			  world. Something had to be done.

			  But the people at InGen didn't want their expensive equipment to
			  be destroyed. They also wanted the Dinosauroids ALIVE... so that
			  they could learn the way to turn them into the ultimate soldiers
			  and sell them to whoever paid the best. But as long as the 
			  Dinosauroids had control over the island, a search-and-capture
			  operation could not be considered.

                          They decided to send someone to cut off the power by destroying
			  only the geothermal central, leaving everything else fairly 
			  untouched; and to thin out the Dinosauroid population. That
			  person shouldn't know anything about the secret project. But who
			  was brave enough to enter JP and challenge the evil Dinosauroids? 
			  Duke Nukem, of course!

                          With a whole arsenal, a backup team of U.S. Marines and a check
			  in his pocket, Duke Nukem was sent by boat to Isla Pánico. He was
			  going to follow a direct path that lead to the geothermal central
			  using a map of the island that InGen provided. However, something
			  unpredictable happened: the boat was caught in the middle of a
			  violent storm. The boat sank. All the marines drowned, because 
			  they were carrying too heavy equipment, but Duke managed to escape
			  by climbing to a small lifeboat.

			  The next morning, Duke woke up and found that his lifeboat had
			  landed in a small beach in front of a strange building. He could
			  hear distant roars. "So this is Isla Pánico", he thought.

			  Suddenly, he heard a noise. It was his communications device. He
			  took the call. The people at InGen headquarters were aware of his
			  situation and created a new plan.

			  "You are too far away from the geothermal central", they told him.
			  "I don't care. I will pass through this fu**ing island without
			  problems, no matter how many Dinosauroid butts I have to kick to
			  do it. Just tell me where to go", he told them.

			  "You are exactly at the opposite side of the island, Duke. And, if
			  our assumptions are correct, you don't have any weapons"

			  "I've got my gun. I don't need anything else."

			  "Anyway, we want to be sure that everything goes well. Listen, Duke:
			  we've managed to get a helicopter on the island. It'll be waiting
 			  you in a secure place not too far away from where you are. It will
			  take you near the geothermal central, and the pilot will provide you 
                          new weapons. However, you have to get past some dinosaur cages and
			  follow one of the jungle rivers upstream."

			  "No problem. It's going to be a piece of cake."

			  With his pistol in his hand, Duke entered the strange building. His
			  adventure at Jurassic Park had begun.

Description		: This is mainly an outdoors map with some small buildings and some
			  dark passages. It's not very difficult to beat, and you don't have to
                          kill all the enemies to do it, most of the time you only have to run 
			  fast. However, it can be pretty challenging at first if you don't
			  know where to search for certain items which are well-hidden.
			  Other of the map's features are:
				- Troopers and Enforcers as "The Dinosauroids"
				- Thick patches of jungle where you almost can't see.
				- Three-dimensional dinosaur corpses!

Tips			: - If you can find pipeboms, you can use them to open paths in the 
			  - There are items hidden in the raptor's cage, but it's a dangerous

Additional Credits to	: Michael Crichton for writing "Jurassic Park"

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #	: -
Single Player		: Yes
DukeMatch Level		: No
Difficulty Settings	: Not implemented

* Construction *

Base			: New level from scratch
Editor(s) Used		: Build
Known Bugs		: Sometimes, dead enemies can cause small graphic glitches in the
                          raptor's cage due to the high amount of palm sprites utilized 
                          there.(But it's very uncommon)