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Características del mapa

  • Autor: Alan Bellows (Alanster)
  • Tipo de juego principal: Single Player
  • Tipos compatibles: Single Player, Dukematch
  • Año: 1996
  • País: Estados Unidos
  • Versión mínima: 1.3d
  • Nuevas texturas: No
  • Nuevos sonidos: No
  • Nueva música: No
  • Nuevos archivos .CON: No
  • Requiere Addon: No
  • Requiere EDuke32: No
  • Tamaño del archivo: 22 kb

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Readme de Relay Station

Title           :  RELAY STATION
Filename        :  relay.map
Author          :  ALANSTER aka Alan Bellows
Email Address   :  abellows@burgoyne.com

Misc Info.      :  Toward a goal of making a Duke level which is fun for
                   single-play or Dukematch, I have developed this level.
                   May it provide you with great Duking solo or blowing
                   the hell out of a neighbor.  Don't wander into the open
                   space areas... splut. 
Description     :  A relay station in orbit around Earth, which has found
                   itself infested with buggers of the alien variety.  Your
                   mission, should you choose to accept it, is to blow the
                   hell out of anything that moves.  This text file will
                   self-destruct in five seconds...

Credits         :  Ken Silverman, for not being a hozer in public, and of
                   course to the Levelord for his splendid examples, the
                   quality of which has yet to be met.


*   Play Information   *

Single Player   :  Hell yes.
DukeMatch level :  Oh, yeah.

Settings        :  You'd better beleive it.

*  Construction  *

Base            :  New level from absolute scratch
Editors Used    :  Many many hours of BUILD.  Yummy.
Known Bugs      :  Wacky things happen in the outer space parts.  Not really
                   bugs, just unusual.

Permission granted for NON-COMMERCIAL distribution, provided that RELAY.MAP is
unaltered, and that this text file is included and unaltered.  Commercial
distribution to be allowed ONLY with author's permission.  This map may NOT
be used as a base for your own levels, and there will be no later release
containing nudity.  This map must be distributed as RELAY.ZIP, which contains

If you accept these terms then type "accepted" as the REALYMAP.zip unzip

ALANSTER (abellows@burgoyne.com)