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Características del mapa

  • Autor: Bob Averill
  • Tipo de juego principal: Single Player
  • Tipos compatibles: Single Player
  • Año: 2013
  • País: Estados Unidos
  • Versión mínima: 1.4 (Atomic Edition)
  • Nuevas texturas: No
  • Nuevos sonidos: No
  • Nueva música: Si
  • Nuevos archivos .CON: No
  • Requiere Addon: No
  • Requiere EDuke32: Si
  • Tamaño del archivo: 193 kb

Readme de BobSP4: Sub Species

Title                 : BOBSP4: Sub Species
Filename              : bobsp4.map
Author                : Bob Averill
E-mail                : bob.averill@gmail.com
Web Page              : None
Misc. Author Info     : Author of the BobSP series and few others.

Other Levels          : BobSP1, BobSP2, BobSP3, BobSPX, BobDM1, BobDM2

Description           : 

“How do you alien bastards like it when someone shoots up *your* ride?” Duke sneered as the mangled Reptoid mothership sank beneath the waves. One boat left at the dock, and just enough gas. “Hot damn, I’ll be home in time for Oprah.”

Months later, the EDF came knocking with General Graves in tow. “Duke, did you get my email?” He raised an eyebrow. “The one about the free penis enhancement pills?” He scowled. “No Duke, you know the one I mean. Duke looked taken aback. “But you’re not a Nigerian prince.”

Graves sat across from Duke while his men raided the fridge. “Do you recall the Reptoid mothership you destroyed last week?” Duke stroked his chin. “You’ll have to be more specific, that happens to me a lot.” Of course, he did remember. Partially healed radiation blisters from the stolen nuclear core he was sent to take offline still dotted his face and chest. 

“Well, this was the first time you left one mostly intact, so the EDF Naval division established a submarine base and Reptoid detainment center on the seafloor. To recover and contain any survivors from the wreck, and to research what’s left of their ship.” Graves handed Duke a tablet playing a slideshow of photos depicting two monolithic undersea towers, with an inset topographical map of the seafloor around them and a red outline where the mothership was in relation. “Great, sounds like you got things under control. What a general of the EDF does with alien scum in the privacy of his own underwater prison is none of my-” Graves became visibly irate. 

“Enough with the cute remarks Duke, you know we lost control of the situation or we wouldn’t be here. A huge module separated from the underside of the mothership as it sank, then moved under its own power to emplace on the ocean floor West of the mothership wreckage, where it transformed into a sea base of their own. By the time we had subfighters in the water, so did they, and it was a bloodbath. We gave as good as we got, but in the end they destroyed all but two of our subs, then invaded both the sub base and the prison as well as invading your own private undersea resort that we so generously built for you following your defeat of the Reptoid armada. Our best subfighter pilots are dead or missing, and the Reptoids freed as many of their own from the prison as they could. But not before we torpedoed prison pod B, flooding it and drowning about half of the Reptoids held there.”

“Sounds like a hell of a fight. Sorry I missed it.” Duke sat crosslegged in boxers and a bathrobe, craning his neck to watch Oprah on the livingroom flatscreen over Graves’ shoulder. “Well, you’re in luck. You’ve been chosen to-” Duke leapt up, strode across the room, opened the door and gestured for Graves to leave. “Fuck no, I hate swimming, makes my fingers go all raisin-y.” 

But of course everything had been decided ahead of time, and even Duke Nukem answers to the US government. “The chopper is waiting on the roof. Pack some swim trunks. Oh, and Duke? You’ll be fighting deep this time. Your whole body will saturate with nitrogen, dissolved into your blood stream.” Duke vaguely remembered something about this from his Bill Nye DVDs but waited for Graves to elaborate. 

“Once you’re down there, you can’t come back to the surface for any reason or you’ll die. Not without 17 hours of decompression in a special chamber. There's one in the prison and another in the sub repair facility. Whatever happens, you’re alone down there, and coming up for air isn’t an option. But you will be dressed for success; Our lab guys came up with magnetic soles for your protective boots. Now in addition to shielding your feet from acid or magma, they’ll also adhere to some types of flat metal surfaces and let you walk normally instead of swimming, which may help if you get disoriented in the weightless underwater environment."

Graves demonstrated, producing a familiar black boot from his suitcase and sticking it to Duke’s fridge. “Groovy. But it sounds like what I could really use is a submarine”. Graves sighed. “We threw every sub we had at the Reptoid base. Their subfighters were faster, more maneuverable. We destroyed or crippled them all but not before they chewed up our whole fleet. So our entire undersea fighting force, for the purposes of this mission, consists of you. To impove your odds, we've dropped some air refill stations down to the sea bed along with ammunition crates in a number of spots around the lagoon, so that you can resupply as you go. They are marked by a bright yellow light at the top, you should be able to see them from a distance.” 

"Nice. I'll look out for those. Hey Graves, what's long, hard and full of seamen?"

"I've heard this one Duke. A submarine."

"My dick"

"Charming as always. Start packing, we're leaving immediately. Once you get down to the resort, look for a computer monitor. We'll instruct you from there. Good luck."

Additional Credits To : The astonishingly still thriving Duke community. 
                        This map is a love letter to you maniacs.

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #    : Custom map.
Single Player          : Yes 
DukeMatch 2-8 Player   : It's possible, but kind of a headache.
Cooperative 2-8 Player : See above. Try it and see why.
Difficulty Settings    : No.
New Art                : No.
New Music              : Yes. Set music volume to 50%. It's fitting, 
                         but a little overpowering otherwise.
New Sound Effects      : No.

* Construction *

Base                   : None.
Level Editor(s) Used   : BUILD.
Art Editor(s) Used     : None.
Construction Time      : Technically many years. I abandoned it for
                         a very long time when it became apparent 
                         that building an entire convincing ocean
                         environment was going to be a bigger job
                         than I initially expected. That's why 
                         BobSPX is named that, instead of BobSP4 or
                         BobSP5. I didn't know whether I'd ever
                         finish number 4 or if I'd ever want to 
                         do more maps in the series, but I knew I 
                         wanted SPX to canonically be the final one
                         as it's the best example of the BobSP
                         detailed techbase style.  

Known Bugs/Problems    : Slight visual glitching in some places and
                         angles. Every last wall is used, so this is
                         not a surprise. Switches can be hard to 
                         toggle, especially the spot where you place
                         the fusion detonator. If you're having
                         trouble with that stand a little further
                         away and try different angles. Not sure
                         why this happens or how to fix it. 

* Where to get this MAP file *

File location          : MSDN, Duke Repository

*Important Information*

Installation           : Stick it in the Duke folder.

Important Notes        : This is, more than anything else, a concept 
                         map. It's fairly boring and conventional
                         gameplay wise, with just some keycards,
                         pickable objects and an exploding alien
                         base at the end. What is I think very 
                         unusual about it is the design philosophy.
                         Some time after SP2 I began wanting to
                         experiment with very large wide open
                         spaces. The problem with this was that
                         it meant I could not pack in the dense
                         detailing that I wanted to. The result
                         of trying to achieve the best of both
                         worlds was BobSP3. I was not satisfied 
                         with it. Eventually I realized there had
                         to be a good reason for the player to
                         explore large areas or it was simply
                         boring. And there had to be some kind of
                         limiting mechanism to make it tense. For
                         SP4, I set the whole map underwater. This
                         gives a novel, interesting place to 
                         explore but which is exciting and dangerous
                         on account of the limited air supply. 
                         Exploration is rewarded with air resupply
                         stations and ammo crates as well as some
                         neat/funny easter eggs in far flung
                         corners of the map. Now, to have BobSP
                         level detailing, I realized I could just
                         condense it into a small number of places.
                         In this case, the underwater bases. This 
                         made for a logical contrast; large organic
                         outside details for the oceanic terrain,
                         densely packed BobSP details for the 
                         interiors of the bases. And the player is
                         compelled to spend time there by puzzles,
                         enemies, supplies and the fact that they
                         are the only safe havens from the hostile
                         and difficult outside environment. I believe
                         this formula can be reproduced to make a 
                         new generation of more engaging maps. All 
                         it requires is some compelling natural
                         environment to explore, with serious work
                         put into diversifying terrain so that there
                         is something new to see wherever you go and
                         funny/useful things to find, and crucially 
                         it must be dangerous to the player in a way
                         that requires periodically resupplying some
                         finite powerup. For SP4 that was the scuba
                         gear. But I can imagine for example, maps
                         set on the Moon, with flickering spooky 
                         abandoned Lunar outposts, highly detailed 
                         and accurate to what we might actually
                         build someday. I would love to explore that.
                         But now, suppose the real star of that map
                         is the Lunar landscape! Plenty of moon maps
                         focus entirely on the base interior, and only
                         have rudimentary outdoor terrain just for 
                         scenery. What if there were several modestly
                         sized outposts on a huge, sprawling, detailed
                         realistic (i.e. white textures, NASA aesthetic
                         like the upcoming game Routine rather than
                         the cartoony aesthetic of the textures used
                         for the original episode 2 Moon base levels. 
                         hard scifi space habitat architecture would
                         look fantastic in Duke, as this engine excels 
                         at small details and working/scripted machines)
                         There'd be realistic, hilly Lunar terrain to 
                         entice the player to explore, albeit carefully.
                         And a little CON hacking could produce a working
                         space suit that the player must refill with
                         oxygen only at special filling points within
                         the habitats. And the gravity is reduced, and 
                         there are all sorts of lunar relics like the 
                         Apollo landing sites to discover if you explore
                         the entire map. You can see how this design
                         philosophy lends itself very well to lots of
                         different settings. Why not a map set in a 
                         Bioshock Infinite style sky city, where you must
                         keep collecting new jetpacks in order to travel
                         between different floating city platforms? A map
                         like this could really showcase the new true 
                         room over room feature, in fact it would be
                         necessary for such a map to exist, as the floating
                         city platforms must have an underside to them,
                         and float at different heights relative to one
                         another. Or, imagine a map set in the center of 
                         the Earth, where you must dash from research
                         station to research station through magma
                         filled caverns, using the protective boots and
                         regularly needing to find replacements for them. 
                         And large dark stretches of cavern require that 
                         you take care to periodically find new night
                         vision goggles. Or what about an Antarctic map
                         where to explore all of it without freezing to
                         death you must search for batteries that power
                         your suit's built in heater? And so on and so forth, 
                         the idea is the same, only the setting changes
                         between maps. Large, beautiful and varied natural
                         landscape which the player is enticed to explore,
                         but which is hostile to him in a way that requires
                         periodically replenishing some powerup. And a few
                         modestly sized bases, where you can condense the
                         geometric detailing in a way that provides logical
                         contrast between the indoor portions of the map
                         and the natural terrain outside. And you know, 
                         now that SP4 shows how to do it, I'd even love to 
                         see more undersea base maps. Perhaps in Bioshock
                         style? Or steampunk/Victorian? Or retrofuturistic,
                         1970's style? It's a setting not commonly explored
                         in Duke maps even though this engine is very good
                         for it because of the ease of defining where water
                         is and isn't, compared to how hard that is to do in 
                         a real 3D game.

                         Needless to say, I don't intend to make these maps. 
                         They are an exhausting undertaking. I made BobSP4 
                         simply to demonstrate this new gameplay concept, 
                         in the hopes that much like BobSP1 inspired very 
                         talented copycats, BobSP4 will inspire new maps 
                         built in this radically different SP4 style.
                         Go ahead,let's see what you can do.